Violence, it's a guy thing.

After  Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, announced the government is putting money towards addressing the men's violence issue in Australia, I saw lots of comments about men who are on the receiving end of women's violence. I am also experiencing this on my social pages and posts from men. 

It is true that it does happen, I'm not some gender violence denier,  but statistically speaking death at the hands of a female spouse or relative is incredibly uncommon. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has some really indepth surveys that I will quote in the coming weeks. Especially defining some actual forms of spousal abuse that cover emotional, financial and physical.

I've put this infographic together to highlight the point that men in Australia are disproportionately more likely to commit violence. Over 50% more likely to commit violence against women, compared to women's violence towards men. 

Hopefully this will help others out there trying to have the conversation about men's violence not be hijacked off  message.  Thanks to everyone who's trying to address this issue at all ends of the disrespectum - emotional, financial and physical abuse than ranges from silence to violence.