Break-up stories needed


My layman's amateur theory

I've got this hunch slash theory. We're primed by Disney stories at a young age that love is forever. In most of those stories it's super young love too. This lays an impossible foundation of what our real life love lives are compared to. 

I am heartbroken every time I hear about break-ups ending in violence or murder. Part of my hunch goes like this, if only we taught kids younger that love and relationships fail. And by teach I mean not necessarily first hand when we're going through a bust up. I mean by surrounding kids with stories and movies about characters who embody this stuff.

Attempting to get good at something we don't do often

The heart of my theory is that we can never get good at breaking up with someone, either accepting someone no longer wants to be with us or us telling someone it's over, because we don't do it often enough to get good at it. We know that practice, practice, practice helps us master something.  As we age and get into more serious relationships with complexities like children and property, breaking up becomes an emotional minefield.  We have all heard the bad stories from friends, family members or lived them first hand. 

How you can help

So what I want to do is get a sense of what your first break-ups were like, the early ones, not really the messy mid-life adult divorces. I'm looking for early behaviour, the teen and early twenty bust ups. But if you have some good insights from an adult divorce or break-up please feel free to share.  This crowd sourced bust-up experience will help give the next generation some better insights and understanding around a really tricky part of relationships that no one likes to talk about. 

I'd also like to be able to use some of your stories for the basis of articles or podcasts, which means I'd like to be able to contact you, so make sure you leave me your email details. I have a Skype phone number so I can make local calls globally.  Thanks for your help.

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How old were you, how long were you together, what made it special
Who ended it? Why? When was it? How did you handle it? How did they handle it? What made the break-up memorable for you (good and/or bad bits)
Think about someone young going through what you did. With the wisdom of time and age, what advice would you give to help them handle a break-up.