Starting out

I mapped out this project back in May. I was walking along the beach with my 10 year old daughter Hudson talking about it. She instantly got it and gave me some examples she's seen between parents of friends, from the dads to the mums. I drew a spectrum of disrespect in the sand, added the suffix 'rum' to it, and the project kinda came to life. The idea being to map the entire spectrum of actual real ways guys disrespect women (from silence to violence) and to use all that data to build programs and projects to change male behaviours. 

 The first project is Dear Men of Tomorrow.  It's been whirling around in my head in different forms. After meeting some very successful and values based entrepreneurs over the past 4 months, I've decided to put it out there. I'll publish the stories as they come and figure out my voice as I see the responses. 

In phase one I'm purposely curating the negative stories, so the community can then start a discussion around the positive behaviour antidotes to each. Phase two is to get this under the noses of men who influence boys. Not sure how yet, I imagine an awesome art directed book given lovingly to teenage boys as they enter those powerful adolescent years. This way we might be able start discussions about topics between men that have gone unspoken.

It's an evolving project so please leave any suggestions or comments. I want this project to work so anything you can say or do to help is very much appreciated.

Thanks again for helping get this out there.