Not for everyone

This blog has a very specific purpose. Not to blame men, but to encourage a discussion amongst those men who want to rewire their attitudes towards women. For whatever reason some of us are programmed in our early lives by the environment we are in. We copy our Dads without realizing it. We inherit behaviours that are unhelpful and unhealthy and grow in intensity over time.

The post's I'm collecting from women of the world aim to show what disrespect looks like in all it's forms, financial, emotional and physical abuse, in the hope that the men on the edge of change will spot in others behaviours, things they may do themselves, and make a decision to talk to someone about it.The first step in fixing a problem is acknowledging a problem. 


Some years back when I first sought the help of Psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioural therapy, the first question he asked  was "why are you here?" 
My answer "unfounded jealousy is killing my relationship" 
It felt like a massive weight was released saying those words out aloud, IT WAS MY PROBLEM.  It didn't solve the issue, but it allowed me to start the journey inside that has eventually lead me to a place where lifelong insecurities and jealousies are being managed successfully. It's also lead to so much more upside too.  

I am happy to talk about my journey so far. I won't be entertaining discussion about some men's grievances towards women because there's so little time and I really want to help the men who want to change themselves first not those around them.