I am free

I thank Margaret for the bravery of sharing this in the hopes that even one man of today out there will see it and be determined to make changes to ensure their own relationship is full of attraction, compassion, respect, love, life and laughter and they become traits their sons inherit. 

It's not about others judging what she "could of" or "should have" done, it's about us men, who want a better world for our sons and daughters, being determined never to treat someone how Margaret has been treated. It ends with me.

People don't leave relationships for a lot of reasons. One of them is because the abuse sneaks in over a long period of time.  Rather than make comments about why didn't she leave, make a comment about the behaviour you have experienced first hand that made you leave a relationship. Margaret is trying to help the next generation avoid the pain she experienced. If you want to help the next generation you can help me  by highlighting the kinds of disrespect women face in relationships.  Please finish a letter to man of tomorrow at http://dearmenoftomorrow.com/