About Andrew

Andrew Sidwell has been a career creative since leaving school at only fifteen years old. He has spent most of his professional life in radio in Australia and Asia. In these often male centric workplaces Andrew completed his masters in unconscious male bias. 

About 7 years back Andrew realized he had been a dick to a lot of women, so he set out to 'erase the douche'. The journey so far has seen him successfully steal from all disciplines that encourage the great inward journey to the self beyond the ego. 

About 6 months ago Andrew set up DearMenOfTomorrow.com to collect and curate notes from the women of today for young men on the cusp of entering their first relationship. It's purpose is to paint a really concrete picture of the entire spectrum of disrespectful behaviours from those who've lived it firsthand.  This "disrespectrum" will help build future courses, workshops and content.

He's also married to Sarah and is the father of daughters, Hudson (11) and Lola (8).