Want to help call out and stamp out everyday sexism?

Besides being incredibly harmful to women, I believe everyday sexism is the root from which tomorrow's abusers and murderers of women grow. Whilst we as men accept and tolerate it, it serves as camouflage for the worst of the worst to grow unchecked.

Tackling everyday sexism as the trigger will serve to educate men of tomorrow, and the men in their life today, that it's never a one off for a woman or girl, it's the cumulative effect of a catcall, a joke, some ender stereotyping, men's unhealthy sex attitudes born from unchecked porn addictions.

Crucial to the success of these conversations are real life examples of everyday sexism that you've lived and worked. I need your stories and examples. I'll use these as examples in articles, workshops, podcasts or graphic illustrations. 

Could be at work, home, sport, out at clubs, anywhere.


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